Crochet CRAZY!

This week I have had the opportunity to get 6 of Hannah Wood’s best selling creations photographed and added to the favourite is the Dinosaur! little nod to Jurassic World…BEST FILM EVER!

Hannah started her business, Chubby Pink Piggy Creations only 18 months ago. It seemed that over night once people saw her cuddly cute creations (and been as Hannah had put her work through the rigorous CE Testing to make sure they are safe for baby’s, children and yes….adults) that they were a hit! She managed to leave her 9-5 job and strike it out alone in just 6 weeks..we are all very proud of her at Webb’s been as she is my soon to be sister in law when she marries my brother Adam.

She can make any Chubby to order, check out her website here